I’m a talker. I love to share my experiences and knowledge with people. It’s probably why I got into Social Media in the first place, as it was just another way to connect with people.

The first time I was asked to speak to a business group about Social Media, I jumped at the chance. I had never done it before, but I was never shy about speaking in front of a group, so I dove in. Since then I have spoken at lunches, conferences, training sessions, workshops and any other venue where there is an audience and a microphone. When you have a passion about your subject matter, it’s easy to do.

My presentations are a mixture of fun and information, as I believe that the only way a person really absorbs what is being said is when they are enjoying themselves. I like to have interaction with my audience, where I take questions during the talk, rather than after, becuse the spur of the moment question is always the best one to answer.

I have several presentations that I do most often:

1. Social Media for Business – Where do I Begin

This presentation introduces those who have no business presence on Social Media, or even those who have a limited or unsuccessful presence, to the key apps and tools you need to get online. It is a fun 45-minute presentation with lots of opportunity to engage and discuss the ins and outs of the Social Sphere.

2. Executive Decision – Social Media for CEO’s

This presentation is all about the people that hold the purse strings. The CEO’s, Senior Managers, Business Owners that are being hounded by their staff or parterns to get into Social Media, but want to know more about the “ROI”. Here we go by the numbers. Market research, stats and figures that help the decision makers better understand the value of Social Media and what the potential cost are. This 45 minute presentation is great for networking groups and senior management organizations.

3. The Digital Hallway – Social Media for Teens, Teachers and Parents

Believe it or not, Social Media is NOT a bad thing. For all of the bad things that do happen in this online space, there is far more good that happens. The problem is not the medium. The problem is that we are not showing our kids HOW to use the medium.

The Digital Hallway is designed to change that.

These multi level presentations. One is to teach kids about how they can create and manage a positive Social Media Footprint that will help them in their future endeavors of post secondary education and employment. Another is to help the teachers better understand the Social Media space, from how kids use and navigate it, to how they can tap the potential of it….in and out of the classroom. The final one is designed specifically for Parents, as parents are truly the key to kids safely using and navigating Social Media. What kids are using today and platforms they should be using for their future. How to talk to your kids about their Social Media use, with getting the typical teenage eye roll. Most importantly, how they can use Social for their own use, from communicating with the schools to engaging the community in fundraising for the schools.

The real focus is to ensure that everyone is working in the same place, with the same goal in mind; putting an end to the Wild, Wild, West use of the Social Media, by our youth, and preparing them for the future where Social Media is no longer just a thing they use to communicate with friends.

Want to learn more? Contact me today….and we’ll talk!