Here is something that you won’t hear a lot of Social Media professionals say: “I am not an expert”

I am also not an Jedi, Guru, Ninja, Specialist, or any other term that might make you think that I know absolutely everything there is to know about Social Media. I will give you a moment to let that sink in, while you ponder “what the heck is this guy trying to do to himself!?!”

The fact is, I am always learning, because Social Media is always changing, evolving and updating. What is the norm today, is not the norm tomorrow, so it is impossible to be an “expert”. What I am is a Coach.

As a Coach, I spent time with my clients, helping them develop their skills at using their Social Media Channels and Tools. I help them set up their accounts, help them learn and understand how this Social Media thing works and how it will work for them. Not just generalizations, because the tools and platforms that may work for one person or business, may not work for another.

I spend time with my clients. I learn about them, their business/organization and how they currently communicate, helping them come up with a plan that will ensure their personal success with Social Media. I train them, push them to try more, work hard at it and mentor them to the point where I know that I can let them go and perform on the Social Media stage in a way that they will stand out. When they are out there, on their own, I am still there, in the back ground, watching. Listening. Helping when needed and encouraging when not.

Consultants fire and forget. Coaches are always there, even when you have moved on to the big leagues.

Need a Social Media Coach? I am always ready to take on a new Social Media Athlete! Contact me today!