Sean Smith – That Social Media Guy – is a professional Social Media Coach and Speaker, services to a variety of businesses from micro-business to medium-sized business to non-profit organizations.

Coaching – coming into your business, assessing and learning about the business, then working with the team that is or will be managing the company Social Media accounts to ensure that they become adept and efficient with the tools of the trade, as well as having a solid grasp on use and content creation.

Speaking – Introducing people and organizations to Social Media in a manner that speaks directly to them and engages them directly. A combination of information and humour, these presentations are always well received and enjoyed by those who attend.

Cyber-Bullying – A personal story of survival and understanding of the new age of bullying using Social Media as a weapon to bully. Where kids hang out online, platforms they use, how the dodge security and who is lurking in the cyber-shadows with them.