About Me

After retiring from the Canadian Forces (16 years of service), as the Western Area Internet and Intranet coordinator, I started my own IT Service and Management Company. I sold the company after 5 years, in order to take on the challenge of managing the development of business programs at a local community college. In 2009, I returned to private business as a Social Media consultant, assisting build and integrate Social Media into their marketing.

In 2011, I expanded my business offering to include professional speaking and education on Social Media for Business. With the remarkable growth of Social Media in the past few years, many businesses and professionals have been struggling to make sense of it all. My presentations are designed to break down world of Social Media into a more easily understood piece of a businessperson’s toolbox.

In 2012 I also started speaking about Cyber-Bullying, including the technology and methods that are used by Cyber-Bullies and predators that troll the various sites frequented by kids and teens. My approach is one from having been kid who was bullied throughout school and very familiar with the technology and Social Media platforms being used today.

Today I am Social Media Coach and Professional Speaker. As a Coach, I spend time with my clients, working with them to ensure that they are comfortable and capable of managing their Social Media environments, before letting them go out on their own. Like all coaches in the world, I continue to watch, mentor and assist my clients on their journey through the Social Media sphere.

I am also a HootSuite Certified Professional