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Social Media is not just a campaign tool.

It’s municipal election time, in British Columbia. If you are on Social Media, you are starting to see invitations to Like or Follow a political candidate, as political candidates have all jumped on the “Social Media as a Campaign Tool” band wagon. There is no doubt that Social Media is a great tool for reaching out and getting your message to the masses, but, as one candidate has recently discovered, there is life (in your Social Media accounts) after the campaign.

What Was Old is New Again

It is not unusual to see parody accounts pop up, during a political campaign, spoofing a candidate and pretending to be them in the Social Media conversation...

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What is “Social Media Success”?

I recently had a debate with one of my peers in the world of Social Media, whom I respect a great deal, about what is considered a “success” when using Social Media in business.

He runs a very successful Social Media agency in the US, as well as running a very successful online application that aids users in content curation within their Social Media environments (an application that I use, myself). In his world, it is all about managing his clients Social Media presence. Strategy, content marketing, etc., is their bread and butter and they do it very well. They work with their clients for as long as the client is willing to pay for the services.

I, on the other hand, am a Social Media coach...

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You Get to Cry Wolf Once

We all know the story of the boy who cried wolf too many times. He did it for attention and when the real wolf showed up, no one would listen.

Social Media has it’s own version of the story now, only you substitute “boy” with “brand” and “wolf” with “hacker”. There seems to be a move by attention starved brand marketers to cry “We’ve been hacked” when, in fact, it is they that are the hackers.

Following the Hack Pack

Earlier this year, Burger Kings Twitter account was hacked and branded up to look like McDonalds. While the company tried to figure out a way to deal with the issue and find out how it happened, they started to gain more followers (over 30,000 before the account was suspended)...

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