What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name? Well, a lot, I hope.

Today my new URL goes live, one that (I hope) truly explains what I do; teachingsocial.media

I saw the “.media” domain pop up, about a week ago, and I thought to myself “I can use this”. I tried all of the obvious ones, first, like “social.media” and “getsocial.media”, etc., and then I started to focus on the learning aspects of a name. The most logical one was “teachingsocial.media” and the fates smiled on me.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect, either. I decided to take 2015 “off”, from actively working and promoting my business. While I am still That Social Media Guy, I am no going after new clients or projects. Instead, I am focusing on a few personal projects;

Social Media Camp. 

At the end of the last Social Media Camp, I spoke to the organizers and asked if they would be interested in my taking over the management of the Social Media Camp blog. They agreed and I have enjoyed spending some of my spare time talking to writers and Social Media professionals, creating content for the blog. I also continue my roll as the Head Coach for Social Media Camp and I organizing some great coaches to help novice Social Media users navigate both the camp and Social Media.

Social Media in Education.

For many years I have been active in educating students, teachers and administrators on Social Media use and safety. This year, I have been advocating the concept of taking Social Media from sitting on the outside of the education system and bringing into the education system, having it actively taught as part of the school curriculum. My end game thought is simple; educate kids on the best ways to use Social Media, to their advantage, teaching them safety and etiquette in the process, making it a part of the grading in school and many of the problems that we do see, with kids using Social Media, will start to disappear.

I am happy to say that a School District No.72 School Board Trustee has picked up the torch and is making some headway on the idea, moving it up to the Provincial body. I am excited by the potential!

Social Media Community Workshops.

I have been, on a pretty regular basis, been frustrated by how many people use Social Media in my community. So, rather than try and get them as clients, I decided to run workshops. The first one was a great success, so another is going to be happening this spring. Not actively looking for clients or spending time working on client projects, means I can focus on creating great, and targeted, content for the workshop. Plus, I get to do what I love to do; teach about Social Media.

Which brings me back to back to “What’s in a Name”. Well, if you see a sign, card, website or ad, with the URL http://teachingsocial.media, what do you think it is all about?