London Drugs Does It Right

How often do you see a sale made via Social Media? How often do see great customer service via Social Media? How often do you see BOTH, for the same transaction? Probably not as often as the first two, which is why I was so impressed with my recent experience with London Drugs.

So, here is the scenario. I am looking for a new back-up drive and decide that it might be time to add yet another piece of Apple tech to my network. I start looking for a good price on a 2Tb Apple Time Capsule and stumble across a great deal at London Drugs. Being the Social Media geek that I am, I tweet out “@LDCampbellriver $199 for an Apple Time Capsule!?! I am SOOO getting one! #campbellriver”. Now, there is a method to my madness. First, I know the management of the local London Drugs in my community actually does pay attention to their twitter feed, so this was a good way to promote a local business and to find out if they have any in stock. As expected, they did reply back, but, unfortunately, they were out of stock. All was not lost, though. London Drugs in Campbell River wasn’t the only location that was listening. Enter @LD_Courtenay

Management That Listens

About 45km South of where I live is the City of Courtenay, where the manager of the London Drugs there followed the #campbellriver hashtag and the @LDcampbellriver handle. Alerted to the tweet and the reply, the manager was quick to jump into the conversation and let me know that there was still one in stock at their location. Awesome! I replied that I would take it and the manager added to the awesome by saying that he actually lived in Campbell River and would bring the item up on his way back from work, that afternoon, saving me the trip to their location. Sale made, coupled with some great customer service!

Turning Bad into Good

All was not perfect, though. Knowing that Apple pricing rarely has discounts, I was under no illusion that I was getting an “untouched” Time Capsule. I assumed it was a floor model or a returned one. This didn’t bother me, because my previous experience with items like this, from London Drugs, was that I got a fully operational item that met my needs at a great price. This time, however, I wasn’t so lucky. There was a significant issue with the device. OK. No problem. Let’s see how they deal with it. I sent a DM to the store manager in Countenay to let him know what was happening. To say that I got an apology was an understatement. Within minutes I got a reply that was genuine concern about my satisfaction, followed by another reply letting me know that he was not only going to find out what happened, but was going to find a resolution ASAP. The Courtenay store manager also contacted the Campbell River location to arrange for me to return the faulty device. Wow!

Above and Beyond

At this point, this is where many stories end. While you might get a replacement or a refund, you don’t usually get the “promised” explanation. Not so, in this case. In this case, the store manager did investigate and did discover where things went wrong. He contacted me, again via DM, to let me know that it was totally their mistake and that he would not only be replacing the device (if I wanted to), but he was be replacing it with the newest model at the same price! What!?! Seriously!?! It doesn’t stop there, though. He made arrangements for me to purchase it out of his location, rather than the Campbell River location, so that my local store didn’t take the financial hit for his store’s mistake! In a matter of hours, he covered all the bases, kept me updated via Twitter and made sure that he was there if I had any questions.

How many big brand stores do you know that deliver that kind of customer service?

Now the real kicker. Turns out that this store manager also follows me on his personal twitter account and we had chatted off and on about community and social media. He understood the power and reach of Social Media tools and used it to his advantage by delivering exceptional customer service via the medium in which the customer was engaging! At the end of this scenario, the store manager asked if was going to be around on the day my replacement device was ready and went the extra, extra, mile by delivering it to my home, personally. For the next half hour, we sat at my kitchen table, going over the entire scenario and discussing how awesome customer service via Social Media can be.


While I don't doubt the customer service of London Drugs, I do wonder if the service would have been as good if they weren't very aware of the fact that you were talking about this on social media.  Would the average, unplugged "Joe" get the same deal?

SeanSmithCR moderator

Granted that this is a story about how Social Media is married to customer service, but, in this day and age of Social Media being the venue for pleasure AND displeasure being displayed, I cannot see London Drugs doing anything less for the "average joe". Bad experience shared publicly is within every persons grasp, these days.