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Teens, Young Adults and Social Media

This week I was a guest on CKNW’s The Simi Sara Show, talking about Social Media and the effects it has on the employable futures of teens and young adults. The conversation covered a lot of varying aspects, but the gist of it was this: kids have no filters and it is up to the parents to guide them through Social Media as much as they guide theme through everything else a the grow up. Not an easy task, given that teens and young adults are notorious for not listening to their parents advice and will continue to do things that most of us parents would consider reckless.

After the show, I returned to the campsite, where my family and I were enjoying the great weather by the ocean...

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You Get to Cry Wolf Once

We all know the story of the boy who cried wolf too many times. He did it for attention and when the real wolf showed up, no one would listen.

Social Media has it’s own version of the story now, only you substitute “boy” with “brand” and “wolf” with “hacker”. There seems to be a move by attention starved brand marketers to cry “We’ve been hacked” when, in fact, it is they that are the hackers.

Following the Hack Pack

Earlier this year, Burger Kings Twitter account was hacked and branded up to look like McDonalds. While the company tried to figure out a way to deal with the issue and find out how it happened, they started to gain more followers (over 30,000 before the account was suspended)...

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Attention Parents! You Need to Look and Listen!

During my presentation on Cyber Bullying at Social Media Camp, I introduced a number people in the audience to, a website that has become very popular with youth. When you look at the site, you can see that pretty well all of the profile pictures, right on the main page, are very young. While the site makes itself seem of very innocent and secure, it is far from it. In a excellent article posted by Shelly Kramer, explains how this new environment is a nightmare for parents, as kids openly share a wide variety of details about their lives in a site that anyone can access.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 8.19.27 PM

As Kramer points out, not only is a haven for sexual predators and pedophiles, it is ripe for Cyber-Bullying. I became aware of Ask...

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